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Added Services

We don’t just print here in McGowans.  We understand your business needs that extra service that will help execute your job from beginning to end.  That's why we get that from the concept stage of a project right through to getting it in front of your customer, it's vital for you to work with a supplier you can trust - with all those extra benefits making completing your job a seamless process.

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Our Added Services Capabilities
Yes, we print.  More accurately, we make ideas happen, in glorious colour (or black and white if preferred!). Our creative team start by listening.  They carefully absorb what you envisage for your project, then, generate some brilliant design ideas for you to choose from.  
  • “It's not how many ideas you have, but how many ideas you make happen.”

    Scott Belsky, Founder Behance

  • Making

    ideas happen every day


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    We’re very proud to say we can print on anything. In fact, we print on over 100 different substrates (materials!). Plastic? We print on it. Wood? That too. Fabric? Of course! And about 997 more. If you can touch it, we can print on it. What you print on is a big deal, which is why we help you plan your substrate choice, and make sure the end result looks fab and feels amazing. 
    • Discussing options
    • 1000+

      materials to choose from

    • Advice on what will work best for you
    • Latex print
    • Corriboard for durability
    • 25 years

      of expertise in material choice

    • Eyelet banners for endurance

      This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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      If printing’s the steak, effects are the sizzle! Texture within print captures the curiosity of your customers. That irresistible urge to reach out and touch, the instinctive wandering of the eye… it’s all in the scodix effects. Like magpies, we love our print to shine, and Colour Logic does just that. And when it’s all wrapped in clever, state of the art laser die cutting, your print will certainly outshine the competition.
      • Stunning scodix finish
      • Our Impactful Print Effects Solutions
        • Motion Cutter
        • White ink print
        • Digital die cutting
        • Scodix
        • Colour logic
      • Laser Motion Cutter
      • “Adding the scodix finish to my business cards sets me apart from the competition which is vital in today's market”

        Conor Brophy, MD Boston Access

      • Adding the va-va-voom
      • Simplicity and beauty of white ink print
        THERE'S MORE

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        After careful consideration of ideas, materials and finishing effects, your final design starts to take shape. Our team of designers will check that your piece works within the environment it’s destined for, then prepares your artwork to ensure that what is sent to the printers is in tip-top shape. Resolution and colours are checked and double checked, then sent to our print operators who turn your design into reality.
        • Expertly trained team
        • “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.”

          Steve Jobs

        • Brainstorming to discover the best ideas
        • Trust your design with us
        • 7

          prepress aficionado's & designers here to look after you and your job

        • Roll up and pop up design
          THERE'S MORE

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          Our in-house structural engineers understand that exceptional concepts lead to remarkable end products. We have created, made and printed thousands of freestanding display units, but we always bring creativity and ideas to the party. Call it the va-va-voom! Our structural team liaise with you to bring truly innovate industry-leading products to the floors, shelves, rooftops, and beyond. We’ve created cots with built in noise motion sensors, added LED lights to life size units, built entire new front panels to attach onto freezer runs. With our 100% customised displays, you’ll always stand out from the crowd.
          • “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

            Seth Godin

          • FSDU's
          • Structural cardboard idea generation
          • 50+ years

            experience in cardboard structural engineering

          • 80,000+

            display units produced in 2014 (or enough to fill The Aviva)

          • 100%

            of our POS corrugated board is from FSC certified sources

          • Cardboard display arch
          • Award winning freezer cover
            THERE'S MORE

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            We do it all, and that includes finishing your print piece perfectly. Our experienced team look after every detail to ensure your piece is finished to the highest standards, is kitted perfectly and reaches its destination comfy, wrapped and ready for action. There is no transporting your product from one location to another – it’s all handled in house to ensure the best quality end product, every time.
            • 3000+

              litres of glue used last year!

            • 20+

              working in our finishing department

            • 7200+

              rolls of tape used last year to safely tape up orders! That’s enough to cover 475km!

            • Finishing Machine
              THERE'S MORE

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              We’ve got creative printing down to a tee. But we also know a thing or two about installation. We’re handy outdoors - exterior signage, fascias, window graphics, forecourt signage and vehicle wrapping. We’re pretty nifty indoors too, especially with those tricky items like aisle arches, large format point of sale, hanging signage, mobiles and unit fixtures. We do it all, and we do it to ensure your in-store experience wows, captivates and drives bottom-line business results.
              • No job too big
              • 53,000

                square metres of banner printed (in other words, over & back across the width of Ireland 191 times!)

              • Signage manufacturing & installation
              • Stainless steel lettering
              • Contra-vision window graphics
                THERE'S MORE

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