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Faster Displays

WOW Impact Faster Displays

We were so thrilled to print the above Faster Displays for the Startup Gathering.  We think they look pretty impactful!

Innovation is in our DNA. We love it here at McGowans and if there is a product out there we think will make your life easier, then we’re all about snapping it right up! And so we met with the crazy team behind the patented POP stands – Faster Displays, and are now their proud, exclusive partners in Ireland and UK.

Their mission? To create a system that ends the difficulties automatic POP can create. The product? A versatile and simple system that will revolutionize the POP market. Seeing is believing so we encourage you to take a minute (literally!) out of your busy schedule and see how simple the Faster Displays unit is to assemble. In fact, it’s so easy, a monkey could do it!

Choose from over 25 products and if you want a bespoke display unit, talk to us about making your ideas happen!

But remember! There may be imitations, but this is the real deal!

Contact us today to see how Faster Displays can add to your growing business. Call the team on +353 1 410 6700 or email today for a quote! 

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