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Clever Frame

McGowans are proud to introduce you to the latest in exhibition graphics – Clever Frame®. A system of mobile aluminium frames, which can be combined in any configuration, this is the Swiss Army Knife of Marketing. In every frame, on each side, you can exchange banners placed magnetically with graphics in the blink of an eye.

Combining the frames is extremely easy, therefore, creating sizeable exhibition constructions or small promotional walls to points where you are presenting your company or products, becomes fabulously simple. Therefore, you become independent of space, because depending on the needs, you can decrease or increase your configuration. Or maybe change its shape, if you want to draw the Client’s attention to a new product?

Clever Frame® adapts to you, and not vice versa.

If, in addition, can you imagine that at any time, without additional cost, you can change your message and the shape of the construction, and that you get dozens of products in the price of one, you can also imagine the savings. Imagine Clever Frame® – the Swiss army knife for marketing.

1. System is ready within minutes, minimising costly set up and disassembly fees

2. Invest once for an unlimited number of events and uses.

3. Update graphic panels to lightboxes…the list is endless!

Call us today to see how Clever Frame® can add to your growing business. Call Brian Crawford in our Belfast office on + 44 7889 722310 or email today for a quote.


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